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We’re back! (In a limited capacity!)

Just a quick update – our shop is back open for flavored sugar orders. Also, we are back to spinning at private events.

We’ll be back to making cotton candy orders again in the future, I promise. We just have a really big personal project going on (we’re building a straw bale house and I’m the general contractor/main laborer) but I hope that we’ll be moving in this spring and then we can get back to making our full product line again.

Thank you for your patience and support!

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Temporary Family Leave we are making custom sugar orders for our business customers

Hi there!

We welcomed a baby to our family on February 15th (boy, 9 pounds 7 ounces) and are still figuring out how to run a family and a business at the same time. While I was hoping to be back to fulfilling orders by now, it isn’t possible for us to do both smoothly yet.

We are gradually opening our shop back up in phases. First phase is making custom flavored sugar orders for our repeat and business customers. I know how important your supply chain is so we are making you a priority! If that’s you, either send us a message through the Contact Us form or email us at with your order details. We’ll email you a link to pay within 24 hours and get your order shipped out ASAP.

Next, we will open up all sugar orders through our website. I don’t have a firm date for that, sorry, but it will probably be by May. After that we will open up completely to all flavored sugar and cotton candy orders.

We want to be able to provide the best products and service we can, so we appreciate your patience.

Thank you!


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Current shipping times We are not experiencing any COVID related delays

Just a quick update on our production and shipping timeline!

We make cotton candy orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. We ship cotton candy orders on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. So any order placed before noon (Arizona time) on the production day will ship the next shipping day. For example, if you order between noon Friday and noon Monday, we’ll ship the following Tuesday. But if you order Friday morning before noon we’ll ship on Saturday. As always, if you’d like up to ship your order at a later date for the freshest possible cotton candy leave a note and we’ll schedule your order to ship later.

We are making and shipping flavored sugars as soon as possible, but this can take up to 2 weeks. If you have an in-hands date for your sugar order please let us know in the order notes so we can prioritize your order.

While we are not experiencing any delays, some of our suppliers are so we may not have all our flavors available.

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Support the US Postal Service Our business depends on it!

If you’re a regular customer you already know that we use the Post Office to ship all of our orders. They’re the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way to ship both super light cotton candy and 20 pounds of sugar.

You may have heard that the US Postal Service is in trouble, especially since the spread of the coronavirus.

While I don’t think we’re the best source for the reasons USPS is in dire straights, it is important to let you know that we would be in dire straights, too, if USPS goes out of business. And it’s important to note that the source of the problem is not that they are losing money on each package. They are not allowed to charge below the actual cost it takes to ship a package. John Oliver just did a great explainer on what’s happening.

US Postal Service is the reason we can offer free shipping on all orders, from a single tub of cotton candy (currently small bag due to supply chain issues) all the way up to however many pounds of sugar you want. The shipping industry would be turned upside down if USPS goes under. Because FedEx and UPS charge much more we’d have to raise our prices, possibly by half as much. You probably wouldn’t be able to buy small amounts of cotton candy or sugar samples anymore. It would be complete chaos for us resulting in higher prices and slower shipping times. This wouldn’t just be a problem for us, most small businesses like ours rely on the Post Office.

If you’re concerned, please contact your representatives and let them know that you support the US Postal Service.

Here’s how to find your Representative:

And here’s how to find your senator:

Just send them a quick note saying the USPS is important to you and you want them to survive this crisis. Thanks.