I’d Always Wanted to be in the Newspaper.

I never thought cotton candy would get me there…

“A few years ago when Flowing Wells High School science teacher Nick Breckenfeld was asked what he wanted to buy with his first teaching paycheck, he joked that he wanted a cotton candy machine. The 29-year-old readily admits he’s been fascinated by the fluffy stuff since he was a kid.

Though he didn’t follow through with that purchase, he finally got a sugar-spinning machine last year as a birthday gift from his girlfriend, Kate Keelen, 27.

He’s like a child at heart still, and he embraces it,” she said.

That night, the pair jotted down on a napkin about 25 different flavors they could spin into wisps of candy.

Award Winning Cotton Candy Part 2

We returned to the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance’s Sweet Charity Dessert Challenge and won two more awards, Best Chocolate and Best Sweet & Salty. We brought Aztec Chocolate cotton candy and an exclusive flavor, Chocolate Salted Caramel Silk.

And We Become SpunLight!

We took the ruling in stride and took the time to find the perfect name for our bright future. After mulling over a few options, we chose SpunLight. The trademark application was approved quickly and smoothly, which was a huge relief after such a long legal battle for our previous name. Technically SpunLight is a “doing business as”, so we’re Fluff It Up LLC dba SpunLight.


What I love about our new name is the reference to sunlight, what could be brighter and more refreshing? Also the word Spun refers to spinning cotton candy and Light has so much to do with what we make – it’s light in calories, light in weight, and light in chemical footprint since we use organic ingredients.

Award Winning Cotton Candy!

We competed in a dessert challenge put on by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance with our Aztec Chocolate and Candy Cane cotton candy. We won Best Candy for Aztec Chocolate and then were shocked to also win Best in Show! There were some big players there.

Our Kickstarter

In the midst of event season and fulfilling regular orders, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a barcode so we could begin wholesaling. Thanks again to our supporters!

Selling Online

After a lot of hard work figuring out how to package our cotton candy we opened our Etsy shop and began selling online to people across America.