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About Our Products

SpunLight makes the best cotton candy and cotton candy sugars available. We use organic cane sugar as our base, flavored with organic or all natural ingredients. We start with the fruit, herb or flower - so Strawberry is made with real organic strawberries. This is what makes us so special, we've always made our own recipes and can vouch for every ingredient we use. We never use any artificial dyes, all of our colors come from plants. Try it for yourself to see why our customers say we make the best cotton candy they've ever had!

Everything we sell is made to order, so you'll get the freshest flavors possible.

Young woman enjoying SpunLight cotton candy

About Our Cotton Candy Tubs

When you buy our organic cotton candy in tubs we'll ship it right to your door. The tubs have 40 calories of cotton candy inside. They measure about 4.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. They stay fresh 2 months or longer on the shelf.

Three boys enjoying SpunLight cotton candy

About Our Cotton Candy Sugar

When you buy our cotton candy sugars they'll arrive in vacuum sealed packets for the freshest flavor. They're made by us, using recipes we've perfected and use ourselves to make the best cotton candy in the world. We use organic cane sugar as our base and add only ingredients derived from a real fruit, herb, tea, etc. There are no artificial dyes or flavors in any of our products. 

If you're already in business or thinking of starting a new business, we also sell concentrated versions of most of our flavored sugars. Contact us for prices and details